Equipment Checkout

  1. All film equipment is checked out on a daily basis. You must return it on the following school day before school. If you are ill or not coming to school on the day the equipment is to be returned, it is still your responsibility to get it back on time.
  2. Camera equipment must be in your immediate possession at all times. Do not leave equipment in lockers or automobilesIf you lose it, you buy it.
  3. You are responsible for any damage and/or theft to the equipment while in your possession.
  4. All equipment must be signed out by Mr. Hayes and must be checked back in to Mr. Hayes.
  5. You must know how to use the camera or other piece of equipment you are checking out.
  6. Never attempt to repair equipment yourself and never remove any parts.
  7. Never use force to turn or wind any part on a camera — any amount of force may seriously damage internal parts.
  8. Do not get water, beverages, dirt, or your lunch on the camera. Always replace the lens cover when not in use. Sea water is particularly bad for camera equipment — do not take any school camera equipment to the beach without specific permission.
  9. Do not lend any of the camera equipment to anyone else — it is checked out only to you.
  10. You are responsible for getting any footage you shoot off the memory card BEFORE you return the camera. I am not responsible for any footage lost/deleted once the camera is returned.
If you cannot follow the terms of this contract, do not check out the equipment. If you violate the terms of this contract, you will lose the privilege of checking out equipment. Unauthorized use of equipment will be treated as theft and violators will be turned over to the school authorities.



Failure to complete any of the above will result in:

  1. 1st offense – 1 week ban on borrowing equipment
  2. 2nd offense – 2 week ban on borrowing equipment
  3. 3rd offense – Student will not be able to use school equipment
Checkout Equipment